Last Chance Workout Weigh In.

As talked about in the previous post on this blog; I am a huge supporter of the idea of a “Last Chance Workout” as seen in NBC’s hit reality  weight loss show The Biggest Loser.  The whole idea is having a huge hardcore workout prior to your weekly weigh in to hopefully maximize your total weight loss for that week.

Last Saturday I did my own “Last Chance Workout” in preparation for my weekly Sunday morning weigh in.

Now while I ended up not losing any weight on my weigh-in last Sunday (June 16, 2013) from my previous weigh in: Sunday June 9, 2013, I also didn’t gain any weight over that week which considering I really allowed my eating, and working out that week to slide primarily due to a very busy work week was an ok result by me.

I will however say this I’m very glad I took advantage of my Last Chance Workout last Saturday which I know had it not been for I surely would have ended up gaining at least a lb or two, lol!

Hopefully when I step on the scale this Sunday I’ll be at least a little happier with my results, but only time will tell.  🙂

Happy working out, weighing in, and results to all!


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