Paleolithic… A Lifestyle Not a Diet.

So in the name of being completely honest about both my successes and failures on the blog, I am telling you all my attempt at doing a one week Paleolithic Diet lasted less than 2 days.  Now why did it last such a short time? you ask…. over the past couple days since I last wrote I spoke with numerous people some of whom have or continue to live a Paleolithic lifestyle, some whom have considered making the switch, and some of whom will never be making the switch, and here is one constant that I have been hearing… “Paleolithic is a lifestyle choice, not a diet”.  After hearing this from numerous people and doing some further exploring myself I too have come to this decision.  Going Paleo is about making conscious choices that are not simply about losing weight, it’s about making changes to the way you live and eat through a lengthy time in your life not just something you go all in for for a week or two and then revert back to your previous habits.  This discovery/feedback made me realize that while I LOVE some of the ideas in the Paleolithic lifestyle the paleolithic lifestyle is a lifestyle I’m just not 100% ready to commit to right now at this point in my life, and instead I have learned more about being more aware of what I’m putting in my body both good and bad, and in my mind that’s the greatest accomplishment I could’ve achieved. 🙂

Having said all this I 110% support all of you who do 100% of the time follow a Paleolithic lifestyle, and I respect those who try to live it (successful and unsuccessful), and I all I ask is that people give me the same respect and support in return.

In terms of ever going Paleolithic… I see myself on occasion having a Paleo based meal same as I think everyone does from time to time.

These are strictly my thoughts!


1 Week Paleo Diet

Starting tomorrow I will embark on a one week Paleo Diet.  A Paleo diet is something I never would have really even considered trying until a few days ago when I began researching foods in and the benefits of a Paleolithic diet, and discovered while there are a lot of foods I will be saying good-bye to for the next seven days, there are more foods I will be continuing to eat.

Why am I doing a Paleolithic diet you may ask??? Because while I try to eat healthy or at least reasonably healthy most of the time, I am a huge sucker for sweets, high starchy and sugary foods, and especially grains ie: bagels, bread, cookies, etc…  And by doing a Paleolithic diet I am going to be cutting these foods, and yes my favorite: Beer and wine, and actually all forms of alcohol from my diet for the upcoming seven days.  Another reason is that lately I’ve been feeling honestly kind of moody and crabby and I am believing it to be a result of poor sleeping, poor eating, and in general poor care of myself both physically and emotionally, and by doing this Paleo diet I am desperately hoping to kick-start better body and mind care for myself, (fingers crossed). 🙂

Why am I choosing to do it for just a week?  Because this is my first attempt at a Paleolithic diet and I am actually jumping in cold turkey and while I am certain I will be more than able to make it the week, I am not looking to set an unrealistic goal right off the bat.  However if week one goes well there’s nothing that says I can’t or wont extend it beyond next Tuesday (September 10, 2013), or that I wont again try it and try it for a longer period in a couple of weeks down the road.

Over the course of the next seven day’s you will be able to view some of my Paleo diet pics on Instagram & Twitter by following me at: @BenELR .

Here are some guidelines of foods on a Paleolithic diet courtesy of the book: “Practical Paleo” and also found online @ :









*Please remember these are not the all mighty set in stone rules of a Paleolithic diet, they are merely guidelines.  These are however the guidelines I will be going by for the next seven days.*

I would love to hear you thoughts on Paleolithic diets, and your experiences with them if you have any.

Now to enjoy my final pre-Paleolithic diet meal….