About Me

About Eating Living Running.

I can just hear the questions already. What is and why  ”Eating Living Running” and what grounds do I have to write a blog by that name?  There are three answers which I will share with you.

  1. What is? Eating, Living, and Running are in my view 3 of the most important components to any life.  Without food or nourishment our bodies, and minds would not be able to function either physically or mentally. Living refers to life experience and the journeys we all experience in our lifetime both positive, and negative.  Running refers to the physical or athletic components of our lives which keeps us mobile, agile, and in all round physical shape.
  2. Why? Eating, Living, and Running are all areas that we all (myself included) can benefit from a greater knowledge of and just by learing new ideas.
  3. What grounds do i have to write a blog on these topics? Rather then list my qualifications to write on these three topics I would like you allow you the opportunity to find these for yourself as you learn about me in the next section as well as through my blog entries I invite you all to read and follow.

In the blog entries I write I will be sharing recipes, food and restaurant recommendations. As well as fitness goals, achievements, tips, and ideas. And finally I will share some of my life’s stories and trust me I have lots both successes and failures.

About Me:

My name is Ben. I’m 30 years old, born and live in Calgary Alberta, Canada.  I’m a huge music, and sports aficionado.  Some of my favorite music artists are: U2, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and Madonna.  All time favorite sports teams include: L.A. Lakers, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, and Vancouver Canucks.

I have a degree in Culinary Arts/Professional Cooking from SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) as well as having gone to Mount Royal University for Communications and English. I work as a Chef and Catering Sales Manager in Calgary, where I cook and set up catered functions and meet with and talk to clients.  Prior to working as a chef and catering sales manager, I worked in radio as an on air personality, and was for a short period of time an assistant music director in radio.

This is just one of the many delicious creations I will be making at work.

Carrier Wedding March 7 2012

              March 7 2012 was the happiest day of my life as my already amazing family grew as I married Ashley my best friend of over 10 years, and my strength, my sunshine, my everlasting happiness.  Ashley and I celebrated our wedding in Las Vegas, with a very romantic Disneyland and Southern California honeymoon.  Since the wedding we have learned lots about married life, the most important lesson being that the less things change between dating/engaged and married life the better. In my spare time I love watching movies and TV, and participating in physical activity.  During the warm months (spring and summer) I love running.  Unfortunately I really havent run seriously over the past year due to a lack of free time between working, traveling, and getting ready for our wedding last month (very time-consuming, but worth every second of time).  I am looking forward very much to returning to the pavement in my runners this month as I am training for a 5km race on Mothers Day, and a 10km race at the end of May.  During the winter months I love hitting the slopes on my snowboard and carving up some powder.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know a bit about me and my life, more of which you’ll come to learn through my blog entries. If you’ve enjoyed your read please subscribe to me via. RSS you can also follow me on twitter at @eatinglivingrun or email me at eatinglivingrunning@gmail.com -Ben-

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