Surviving Super Bowl Sunday.











Here we are folks another year another Super Bowl.  If you’re like most Americans and Canadians today you will no doubt be watching tonight’s big game or at least part of it, maybe at home with just a small group, maybe at a bar, maybe at a party, or if you’re exceptionally lucky in person live at the game.  Where you watch it is really beside the point because as we all know where there are people watching the game there are more than a few indulgences, and don’t lie you know you’ll be taking part in the food and drinks.

Now this years big game will be the 21st consecutive year I’ve watched the Super Bowl or at least part of it, and over the last 21 Super Bowls I’ve learned a few things that always help make taking part in those indulgences just a little easier in the moment, on the scale, and making it back to next years big day.

Here are 6 tips I’d like to share about how best to survive Super Bowl Sunday.

1. When and where possible make as healthy of a choice as possible with what you eat and drink.  Example: sure have some pizza, have some wings, nachos etc… but if there are options of fruit, veggies, and or salad, take some of those as well.  Fruits, veggies, and salads can help to fill you up, and reduce the urge to eat excessive amounts of the fatty, and greasy party foods.  Also with drinks if possible try to opt for lower cal alcohol or soda beverages, also try setting yourself a drink limit in advance.

2. If possible workout the morning or afternoon of Super Bowl Sunday, or if you have the energy and are in shape to do so exercise after the game.  This will help create room for your possible binge snacking during the game, or burn off the cals and fat you consumed during the game.  Also you’ll just feel less guilty about all the grub you consume during the game if you’ve had a good honest workout the day of the game.

3. Water, Water, and even more Water.  Drink lots of water prior to game time, as well as trying to match you’re booze intake with water.  This will help stave off dehydration from all the food, and sodium you’ll likely consume during the game, as well as lessen the likelihood of a bad hangover on Monday morning.

4. Pace yourself.  Treat Super Bowl Sunday like a marathon of eating and drinking.  Eat small amounts of food during the day prior to game time, as well as during the game.  I don’t recommend trying to stuff your face with all your party foods and drinks during 1 half of the game as this will just cause the food and drinks to just sit in your stomach like a big rock, and not digest properly.  Not too mention do we have more fun when the fun lasts longer or when we cram all our fun into 60 minutes?

5. Enjoy the commercials.  Tip 5 is enjoy the awesome Super Bowl commercials.  Sometimes these along with the half-time show are the highlights of the whole game.

6. My final big tip: Don’t Drink and Drive.  I know you’re asking “does this really need to be pointed out?”, the answer is YES!  With all the alcohol consumed prior to, during, and post game there are always those who think “I can drive” the truth is if you’re even thinking about can you drive, the answer is NO YOU CAN’T DRIVE!  Nothing brings down the fun level of Super Bowl Sunday more than a D.U.I. or a vehicular accident, or worse.  Everybody wants you to make it to next Super Bowl.  If you need hitch a ride home with a friend, call a cab, or take a bus or train home.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Super Bowl Sunday this evening, and just in case you’re wondering who I’m cheering for:


Go Niners Go!!! (yes even though they ousted my beloved Packers)



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